BOOTS (for Pix)

photo 3

IMG_3446If any one would like to submit a challenge for Gail and I, like Pix did with boots, please leave it in your comment. We can add it to the our growing list. Please keep it simple, LOL! VanGogh’s we aren’t, but if we keep this up, both of us will continue to grow as artistes, and it will be fun to watch…for US too! Not knowing what either of our pieces looks like until Gail sends me hers and I post them, is like opening a present every time. We are loving this! xo




14 thoughts on “BOOTS (for Pix)

  1. I have looked at your posts and your blog is so interesting and fun. I am so glad I followed the link from Ellen’s blog 🙂 Judy


  2. This is probably the coolest blog out there bc it is engaging on so many levels! You two are going to be surprised how this grows. Thinking it would be a great segment for story core on NPR!


    1. Thanks lovey! We ARE having fun for sure. So, how does one go about proposing something like this to NPR? Would you like to be our spokesperson, LOL? Would never have crossed my mind.


  3. Can’t imagine 3 months from now…… all of us will be amazed including you two!! I will think about something fun to request


  4. Oh! I hadn’t thought about the fact that you and Gail wouldn’t see what the other’s work looked like till you posted them.. that is indeed a very fun thing AND super fun for the person who submits a request. I have a feeling you two are going to be busy busy busy! Interesting, I had a pair of brown boots like Gail did in college and have a pair of boots like you did now Margie. They aren’t pink but I wish they were. They are called Fatbaby boots and made by Ariat. So fun.. both drawings very fun and sweet! I promise to not be a pest.. 😀 Thank you to you both!


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