14 thoughts on “A SOFA (For Laura)

    1. And the suggestions keep on coming!! We will add it to the short list. It appears we are graduating quickly with bowls of fruit and still lifes, LOL! But hey, we are going to go for it. I still think Pix’s request for a pair of converse sneakers, may be the most complicated yet. So happy you are HERE dear Charmaine!


  1. love the sofas. I like drawing furniture and a big fan of  http://kingstreetarchives.com.au/artists/peter-odoherty/.


  2. Love your sofas, especially since the colors work well with each other.
    Cheers for your competition!
    Marcia Nichol


      1. Hi Margie, How about a tree?

        looking at trees
        I remember prayers
        of friends

        Or books

        stack of art books
        not needing to read today
        just need them there

        I love all the posts . . . thinking of short poems you may have seen and enjoyed.



  3. Love it, love it , love it! You guys are having a lot of fun “staying in touch” via these little posts–and you’re drawing in other friends along the way. Thank you for painting my “little” suggestion. 🙂


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