photo 1


Note: I cannot figure out why my pieces are photographing larger than Gail’s. We both take photos with our iPhones and work on 4 X 6 watercolor paper. Hmmm. I will keep trying to fix this discrepancy. I’m NOT the showboating type, LOL!



8 thoughts on “FLOWERS IN A VASE (For Cindy)

  1. Thank you ladies very much for the beautiful flowers in a vase. Gail’s painting resembles the flowers almost exact. Excellent job Gail. I also love the bold beautiful colors you used Margie. Thanks! Keep creating!


  2. Both are lovely ladies!!! Beautiful colors. Margie are you shooting your iPhone set on square photo for Instagram and cropping? Do you or Gail shoot with the phone horizontal or vertical? Your photo looks like the size my photo shows up when I set it on square in the camera app. Just a thought. Maybe someBODY else has an idea. I bet you figure out Margie!


    1. I think you are headed in the right direction. Before I read your comment I was thinking that it might have to do with orientation, portrait vs landscape. There doesn’t seem to be a size difference every time. Regardless they are beautiful and I didn’t notice the size difference before it was mentioned.


      1. I appreciate your input Maria. Take a peek at my response to Pix’s inquiries. I think we may have solved the issued. I will certainly know the next time she sends me her piece. Thank you for being here!


    2. Thanks Pix! Actually, after talking to Gail this morning, I found out that when she emails me the photos of her pieces, she has been sending them small when prompted. I think that is where the issue lies. Next one she will send large or full size, and that should make the difference. Fingers crossed. (:


      1. Hadn’t thought about the size issue… so simple! I always pretty much set my phone to square photo (original or large, can’t remember) and I get some BIG pictures for my blog. I hadn’t noticed the size issue either until you mentioned it. I like them BIG on Artfully ours… because I like to enjoy every little detail 😀


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