RED WINE (For Joyce)

IMG_1956 IMG_3860Hello all!!! Thanks to me being knee deep in moving boxes (this time unpacking them), we have been a tad behind in our postings. I’m getting a handle on things, my nest is getting feathered more and more by the day, so I suspect I will be sitting down regularly to play with my paints. Yippee! I miss futzing around with them and being here. Gail is being her patient self while I’ve been playing house.


11 thoughts on “RED WINE (For Joyce)

  1. Thank you, ladies, for honoring my request of some red wine art! I love the way your pictures complement one another. I think I’ll pour myself some wine in the various glasses Gail depicted and see how I like it best! LOL!! Thanks again ladies!!


  2. Good Morning Ladies
    I always enjoy the different styles of painting you have. It starts with a nice bottle of wine and then looks even more inviting with a glass of wine. Excellent job!


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