16 thoughts on “H is for…

  1. Margie those clothes waving in the breeze remind me of how happy I am every time I hang clothes on the line. I need to do it more often. Gail, you are invited to my house to grill burgers. You make them exactly the way I love then, juicy with lettuce and onions, all drippy with cheese and condiments. Both these paintings just shout summer to me, can hardly wait.


  2. Hi Margie and Gail! I want to have more people see your blog, so I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Check it out at my post “Thank You” (February 26) on lljostes.wordpress.com. Should you accept the award please see the little to-do list at the bottom of the post. Keep up the artful connection! It’s fun to be a part of it!


    1. You are too sweet! Appreciate the support. I have to be honest. I am absolutely horrible about doing what you are suppose to do to accept blogger awards. I gave up on that years ago with Latebloomerbuds. But Gail and I thank you from the bottom of our creative little hearts for thinking of us!


      1. I certainly understand. I usually don’t participate in them either, but this time…. πŸ™‚
        (they ARE time consuming!) Keep the creative juices flowing!


  3. Hamburger with CHEESE! Gail, I don’t know if you are aware of my love of hamburgers with cheese but I am telling you I LOVE hamburgers and this one with CHEESE looks delicious. I proclaim my love of hamburgers on my Instagram profile and a hamburger is my profile pic on FB. I also speak of them often on my blog… πŸ˜€ I am having one today when we go out for lunch! Margie you have me thinking summer when I didn’t think I was ready for summer!


    1. Margie let me know about your “thing” for hamburgers when she saw my “H”!☺️☺️ Your name was the first thing out of her mouth! Had me cracking up!! So glad you like it, Pix! Now I’m curious so I’ll be checking ou your other social media sites!


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