V is for…


IMG_2715Well troops, we are almost through the alphabet! Loving Gail’s van. Looks like I could get in it and hit the road! Gail and I are on a mission to finish this up so we can move on to our next challenge. Here’s to staying the course!

8 thoughts on “V is for…

  1. Looks like you could climb in that magic bus and head for California, 1962. Wouldn’t it be fun to take our “today” money and our “yesterday” energy on the trip? Thank you for the fantasy ride, Gail and for the violets, Margie. The plant keeps me happy and smiling right here in my kitchen. You can almost feel the fleshy, fuzzy violet leaves.


  2. Great work, I think both of you have “grown” with so much practice! have you taken a look to compare your very first with the latest? you will see the difference.
    Love your “Vs”


    1. Thanks dear friend and arteest cheerleader! It’s been good for us. Gail’s van is stellar. I still struggle, but overall am happy with my creations. We are on a mission to finish the alphabet so we can start our next challenge. Yippee!


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