Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French artist who was a leading painter in the development of the impressionist style.


Gail rocked this! She will continue to channel the masters, while I, will move on to our next challenge. My patient pal who loves a tuff challenge, is enjoying the masters, while I find it completely frustrating.  We (yup, she’s doing both) are going to work our way around the color wheel, starting with BLUE. Let’s see what we come up with. I think THIS one will be FUN, which works for me. OY!

9 thoughts on “CHANNELING RENOIR (1841-1919) & A NEW CHALLENGE

  1. I was wondering why I had not received any new emails. Beautiful as always. I love the colors! Great job on both paintings! 👍🏼


    1. Thanks, Cindy!! I’m going “solo”on The Masters challenge. The picture at the top is the original and I painted the other one.


    1. Thanks Deb! However, I’m going “solo” on The Masters challenge beginning with this post. The first is the original Renoir and my painting is shown underneath. More to come!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You may find it frustrating Margie, but you are doing a wonderful interpretation on each of these Master’s works. Gail, yours are gorgeous too…you are both “Masters!”


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