11 thoughts on “D is for…

  1. I’m having mucho fun catching up on your posts. Gail your doll is so huggable. You really brought her to life with the folds in her dress and tangles of hair. Margie I love the mane and hair on your donkey’s ears. He looks like he is waiting for me to feed him a carrot. I’ve never known a donkey but I’d like to meet one now.


    1. Thanks Pix! Read a book called “Saving Simon”, and fell in love with donkeys. And, my next door neighbor and dear friend, had 2 donkeys for years. I gave her the original and she has his sweet face as her wallpaper on her phone. I was so tickled. 😊


      1. Awww I love that sweet story! Our neighbors have two donkeys and they are in the pasture behind our house.. Dandy and Clyde! Dandy and Clyde have lots to say and they pretty much say it all day. There are some cows there too and three llamas 🙂


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