We are going to “Channel the Masters”! Yesiree, from Degas to van Gogh, and everything in between. Pollock, O’Keeffe, Monet, and many more. In no particular order, we will chose an artist and post a painting by them. Our challenge is to paint something in their style, in any medium we choose. There are absolutely no parameters. We can try to copy it, paint something entirely different, but in the style of the artist, or zero in on a particular part of the painting and recreate it. The sky’s the limit. Mixed media will probably come into play. Cutting from magazines to stamping, stencils, washi tape, you name it. Whoa boy, what have we gotten ourselves into now that we’ve put it out there??!! We are fired up and hope to post our first artist before Christmas.

Gail and I wish you a happy, healthy, creative start to the holiday season.

6 thoughts on “OUR NEW CHALLENGE!!!

    1. Thanks, Pat! We always surprise each other when we do a post so this will definitely take us to the ‘next level’ of artistic creativity and fun!!


Cheer us on, we love it!!

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